DrTranquility Interviews & Following Your Passion


Dr.Tranquility Talks with Array of Thought Leaders &. Their Journey To Success ✨

views are some of my favorite interviews  from 100o’s  with amazing people! Take a listen!

Mr. Fire aka Dr.Joe Vitale of  one of the stars of The  Secret the man & his music ✨


Dee Wallace you know her as the mom from ET and numerous other movies & TV shows & did you know that she is also a spiritual guru?


 kaliyani -An amazing award winning   Artist. Milllions play this melodic singer 's songs, did you know she is also a producer with her own film company✨


Christine Rampone  FIFA Team Captain of the Wold Champion Women’s  Soccer  Team 

On Nutrition


Following Your Passion &Making Moves #2 Inside Out In Dating & Relationships

Following Your Passion & Making Moves #1Career

Following Your Passion & Making Moves #1 Career

Following Your Passion &Making Moves #1 Career

Following Your Passion &Making Moves #1 Career